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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  March 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> it is pretty safe to say march is definitely rolling in like a lion. >> i would say that drivers are dealing with wet roads out there. and that rain is going to be switching over to snow. >> let's get right to chief meteorologist jeff tanchak who is going to tell us what's going on. >> it's going to be half an inch before it changes over to snow. let's get to ford first alert doppler max over here. here is heavy rain through wellington and leria area and it's steady rain through cayoga county and eastern counties not as bad at the moment. northern ashtabula counties, 30s
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occurring there along the lake shore. rain to snow. 1 to 3 inches of accumulation throughout the night of snow. wind gusts over 30 will be as we turn much colder and it's going to be that way tomorrow with some light lake effect and then we have an area wide snow on about. dover. everybody dropping tonight. forecast details 5:18. denise? >> thanks jeff. a lorene teenager is on his way to a long recovery after a brutal attack at school. >> another student at school beat him so badly. denise dufala joins us with what happened in this case. >> reporter: dan i'm told what happened here at the high school was a vicious attack that could leave the 18-year-old scarred for life.
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senior at high school and loved to pray the drums, and even preaches sometimes at church. he never had a problem with other kids at school until now. >> he needs two surgeries. under his eyes broke. the fat that hold the eyeball got through the bones broke. >> reporter: brian rivera was jumped by two students whom he never had any issues with. it happened in the breakfast line at school on thursday. >> he was going to go to get breakfast with his girlfriend and then these kids came over and just pointed to him and said this is the boy. and another boy came over and punched him in the eye and knocked him down and keep punching him like five or six times. >> reporter: rivera's orbital
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students that attacked him have been suspended but they want to do more to make sure that the students are safe. >> what is going on in school? that's a question that need to be answered. when we go to the people that need to answer the question, they keep quiet. they don't say nothing. why? i don't know. >> reporter: those parents told us that at the very least they would like to have an apology from the kids in the attack and we did reach out to the school officials who have not returned any of our calls. denise zorela cleveland 19. >> thanks denise. authorities in akron are offering bigger awards now to catch a woman who attacked another woman with a hammer. this is a sketch of the suspect here. police say she viciously beat a woman on dodge avenue and stole her purse. the award leading to information
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>> in butler county, madison high school will reopen. a student shot two classmates in the cafeteria on monday morning and both expected to survive. james austin hancock's attorney charged the equivalent to a not guilty plea. the 14-year-old is charged with assault, inducive panic and making terrorist threats. the prosecutor is considering options such as taking this to adult court. cleveland police were called to fulton road and carlile this morning. fire spread to one of the homes and that collapsed. the arson unit was called in to investigate. >> new information tonight about a man who died in a streets
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72-year-old peter sigman died from severe burns. the wife was able to escape the smoke. now to a bizarre story out of talmage where the florida fugitive went to the extreme to hide his identity. it's a little sick. kirk kelly actually chewed off his finger tips during a traffic stop after giving police several fake names, the tampa man's tattoos eventually give him away. in addition to being wanted in florida, kelly now faces several charges here in ohio. >> it is a big day for politics. super tuesday has the potential to be a defining moment in this presidential campaign cycle. >> it sure does. a dozen states have the polls open and the winners can gain commanding leads. nearly one quarter of gop
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of democratic delegates are up for grabs. hillary clinton and donald trump hold commanding leads and while mr. trump may be the republican front runner, he could face a tough battle with the democrats if he wins the nomination. in a hypothetical match up with trump, hillary clinton would beat him and so would bernie sanders. sanders scored 55% support in a pretend head to head match up against trump's 43% and clinton topped trump in the poll 52% to his 44%. >> ladies and gentlemen please welcome the governor of new jersey, chris christie and the next president of the united states, mr. donald j. trump.
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eye state today making a stop in columbus. alongside there chris christie, after dropping out of the race, he has endorsed the billionaire and there is at least republican politician in ohio who won't be voting for trump. our harry boomer spoke with him today to find out why. >> reporter: ohio is a big battle ground state and the fight is here. not all republicans are on the same page when it comes to supporting donald trump. >> the way he has handled himself, the thirst for power suggests to me he is not going to be someone who is going to follow the constitution frankly. >> reporter: this republican is not seeing eye to eye with donald trump. posted the following on facebook, i have voted republican all my life but if donald trump gets the nomination, i will break from my
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>> over the weekend he talked about reforming the rival laws which are not under the role of the president. >> i know he has his favorite candidate. that is governor john kasich. >> reporter: chairman of the cayoga county says the party will support the nominee. >> for people it takes a different amount of time to go through the stages of grief and if their favorite does not make it through, they have to come to terms in that. >> donald trump made a campaign stop here in ohio earlier today. >> we will first get a nominee and then work as a party to make board. this. >> we in the republican party want to make sure that it's clear to all that we reputiate what the kkk stands for and inl
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party needs to make that clear. >> trump continues to rack up win after win and will bump heads with john kasich. harry boomer cleveland 19. >> we know it's raining out there. jeff has been showing us all afternoon. that is going to slow down some of the commute. we are looking at i-480 in the independence area. everybody is moving along okay. thankfully our temperatures are warm enough. not seeing any ice or snow yet. jeff is telling us that could be coming a bit later. >> just like madonna has done over the years, the rock and role hall of fame is reinventing itself. the museum could get a multi million dollar makeover and one of several excite ing projects. dan shows us now how this is going to look. sounds great. >> this is great.
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rock and roll hall of fame and something that people say has been necessary. they are going to liven up the whole front plaza. there is four separate projects. there is a stage going there and a grassy area that kids are going to want to run around outside and the cafe and the entrance. we're going to focus on the cafe . i'm going to show you some pictures that show that and give you an architectural rending idea. they are going to build this cafe , shipping containers and crates and they're going to talk about beer, sandwiches and soft drinks and a canopy area with a bunch of picnic tables. coming up at 6:00, we're talking about the new stage and the fact that they can finally have some real substantial live performances in front of the rock hall. people have been saying that's missing since it opened and all of this expected to be completed
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of course right in time for the rnc to come to town. denise? >> there is at least one group opposed. the non-profit group the buck eye institute says the rock hall's request for money is the most ridiculous request made to ohio this year. they claim they asked for $2 million for money to renovate an autograph room. the buck eye institute says rock hall has received $4 million a year since 2001 and the museum should not receive any more taxpayer dollars and the project projects $2 million investment and the signature exhibit will generate $1 billion for ohio over the next ten years. so some pros and cons. >> yeah, one of those tough situations. you need money to make money and keep drawing in people.
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>> outside looks great. what we are talking about there is completely separate. if you see the artists that have signed, they want to redo that. that is completely separate: interesting stuff. still ahead at 5:00, a woman in desperate need of a new kidney. >> when she was told that she needed years to wait for a donor, she decided to take matters in her own hands. >> i'm amazed by the number of people that don't have a clue who i am but are willing to give me a piece of their body to save me. >> have you ever noticed presidents seem to age a lot faster than the rest of us?
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>> first day of march already and did you know that march is national kidney month? >> in in maine it just happens to be this very day that a kidney patient's life is being saved by a donor who she found on her own. >> that's right. catherine bosley is joining us with the story. >> for more than a year linda has hated her morning routine. three days up before dawn and off to the dialysis center. the four hour process leaves her exhausted and as she left yesterday, the 63-year-old was overcome with relief. hours later she met her donor
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the search began in december of 2014 when her kidney stopped functioning. >> it crashed. went real bad. we don't know why. all of a sudden they changed so much. they did. that's when i signed up for dialysis. >> she was told that she needed a kidney transplant to survive. >> we asked our friends and families and we got six people to step forward to be tested and none of them tested well. >> demming was put on a transplant list was was determined to find a person of her own. she put up posters and signs for potential volunteers to get tested and it was a facebook page called a kidney for linda. >> you know, scrolling through my news feed and this page popped up. i don't know why. i didn't have any affiliation with it. nobody i know had any affiliation with it.
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four offered to go through the process. >> i cried every time she called. i still don't know what words i can say to her. i can say thank you. that does not cover it. she is giving me my life. >> it literally boils down that it's the right thing to do. the moment i knew that i was a match, i knew this would happen. >> how about a toast. >> yeah, that's something. if all goes well, both women should be out of the hospital by the end of the week and determined to raise awareness by the end of the week which accounts for one third of kidney transplants. >> love her. beautiful story. campaigning is stressful. of course just ask the presidential candidates. what these candidates are in for may certainly age them a lot. a person's looks can change quite a bit over eight years
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>> take a look at george w bush and barak obama at the beginning and end of their presidencies. >> what happens is the president almost ages two years for every years in their office. you can see in the color of their hair and you can see it in the risk of dying. >> wellness expert dr. michael royson says the high stress can make you appear much older if you don't manage it and the good news is when the commander in chief leaves the office, the aging process can be reversed. >> until you are 6 feet under you get a chance of reversing the aging and make yourself much younger. >> dr. royson says this can be accomplished through healthy diet and better management of stress. >> i love that guy. his energy is contagious when
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he is phenomenal. >> he is the wellness expert. i hope he has the energy. >> maybe if you give me the tips of the stress of being a meteorologist in cleveland. >> that's right. if you get to wrong, they're after you. >> well, you know, a bit of a bust because we're not going to get as much snow as i was thinking yesterday but that in the weather world is called a good bust. but we are going to get something. we're going to be getting colder. pretty nasty out there right now with all of the rain coming down and most of the area right now, seeing the rain, this is a pretty good soaker and going to be around a half inch of rain here and that is of course going to slow things down and this is where we have the heaviest rain, lake wood, west lake area, the red through north ridgeville. oleria, that is heavy rain coming down through lagrange and
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river corner's chatam. we're at 46. look at all of this cold air getting ready to move in. it's only 22 in grand rapids michigan. they are getting a snowstorm here in michigan. yet another storm that we missed out on the heavy snow any way. but as this comes in west to east or moves through, we are going to be changing over to snow eventually and i think by 10:00, is when that is going to happen. here is 7:00 this evening. still rain. by 10:00 tonight we're going to transition over to snow. it will be around an inch with the system snow and then we will kick in a strong northwest wind and that's going to set out some lake effect and with the northwest wind, mainly south and east of cleveland in the terrain, that is where you can be looking at 2 or maybe 3 inches and you can see here by
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higher terrain areas and so 1 to 3. windy night. down to 25 the low. gusts over 30. and 27 akron, canton, rain and snow for you. tomorrow we do not warm up much at all. we basically stay in the mid to upper 20s. i only have us at 28. that's a lot colder than today but some light lake effect, inch or less of some snow showers around and then we will get set for this guy on thursday and that's going to give us 1 to 3 inch during the day. 31 the high. friday mostly cloudy 28 and another shot at some minor snow saturday. 47 on sunday. we're well in the 50s on monday. a little bit of rain. 65 the high next tuesday. denise? >> sounds good. thanks jeff. a high school basketball
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>> for those of you following the eagles nest at avon lake elementary school, we have an egg. the mother laid an egg on friday night. the eggles usually lay the eggs two to three days apart. the eggs usually take 36 to 38 days to hatch. >> a bizarre disappointing end to a championship game in rhode island. the blue team steals the ball and the buzzer goes off. not before the other team catches it.
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teams remature celebrating and incredible inbound pass. white for the win. could you believe that? >> oh, you see them celebrate too early. oh, no. those poor kids will remember that forever. >> all right. they look nice but these newer bus shelters are leaving riders exposed to the elements.
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>> it's a steady rain right later this evening. details just minutes from now. >> well it's super tuesday. have you heard? of course you have. the biggest day so far on the primary calendar. >> today's contest are a delegate benanza and a fight for
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our political guru brian nobles with exactly why super tuesday is so super. >> great to talk to you. take a look at this map. it illustrates what is at stake here today. this is the biggest chunk of the united states to participate in the presidential race at the same time and the candidates are taking nothing for granted. republican front runner donald trump took his campaign to ohio today and a show of confidence given that the buck eye state is part of super tuesday. >> polls show that i can do anything and nobody is going to leave. >> despite the support from the white supremicce group, trump wins in almost every state. ted cruz has 55 delegates up for grabs.
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candidate who cannot win his own state has real problems. >> marco rubio took the fight to trump this week. >> you can't trust him. >> but snagging him tonight remains a long shot. and it's the same story for ohio governor john kasich who told me no matter how tonight goes, he is staying in. >> the plan was never to win all be all. we will win ohio and it will be a new ball became. >> building on the big victory saturday and largely avoided attacking challenger bernie sanders and instead focusing on trump. >> bernie turned into one ups manship. >> her work is just beginning. >> donald trump if he is the
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will organize some voters who might not be mobilized to participate. in cnn polls today, donald trump is in a match up between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. both clinton and bernie sanders are ahead of trump by a wide margin and the race tightens up considerably if it's any no, ma'am me except for trump. >> very interesting. i know you talked with our governor john kasich. did he say he will get out of the race if he does not win ohio and did he say he is going to support trump if he is the nominee? >> it's important to talk to kasich and he did not say he is going to get out definitively if he does not win ohio. he feels confident about winning ohio even though the primary is
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john kasich has taken a much different approach to trump especially with the others that game. i asked him if there was a scenario. say. >> it's always possible that somebody can do something that is so agregious but let's see. this point. >> he says there is nothing done so far that would preclude him from supporting him down the road, the kkk, the call from the ban on muslims and all of the controversy have not been enough for kasich to rule him out but he believes he will be the man to win the republican nomination. >> 595 delegates up for grabs
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needs. 1 thousand are up for grabs for democrats and we can wake up tomorrow and this picture will be very different or clear on who is going to be the nominee. >> one thing to keep in mind though, about what this map looks like. it's not as though donald trump is to win georgia, we are still looking at a map that is going to be divvied out and he hopes he is in second place, in a place like minnesota or maybe virginia, if he can take a big chunk there, and even if we cake up tomorrow and donald trump is declared victory in all eleven of the states up for grabs, rubio can say i took x amount of delegates and this is a close race and then march 15th where
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all states, then it's a different race. whether or not he can make that argument, there are two races at hand here. one is the count and the other is momentum. donald trump can leave tonight with a lot of momentum on his back. >> ohioans get a chance to win coming up on the 15th. that is date. some people have casted their bol ballots. as of friday, 76 thousand of them have already voted. 46 thousand of them have been absentee ballots and many have been voting at the county office. those votes are split, 35 thousand democrats compared to 32 thousand republicans. a lot of ballots out there. considering more than 328 thousand people requested
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we will have continuing coverage on air and all night long on super tuesday. you can get results when the polls close on the cleveland 19 news app. >> a developing story now. a deadly police shooting to tell you about. police in roanoke virginia are releasing now information after an officer killed a teenager who turned out to have a bebe gun. it shows spencer appeared to show a gun in his right hand. spencer refused to stop and two attempts to tase him were not effective. >> you can see in this picture the weapon that the officers saw in the subject's hand and how it compares to the 9 millimeters. >> i can't really say anything bad about him. >> the roanoke chapter says they want to see a video of the
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citizen review board to examine all police shootings. >> a virginia middle school student could be in legal hot water. she is accused of sending threats on instagram and what makes the threats unusual is the threats are made using emojis using a gun, a bomb and a knife. the school is investigating. >> basically they sent out an e-mail that there had been an incident at the middle school. >> the school sent out a letter to parents and has not taken disciplinary action get against the accused student. it was a nice idea taking a boring standard issue bus shelter and trying to turn it into a piece of art. >> bus riders say it does not provide shelter.
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about the new changes. >> it's kind of nasty out here and most of the folks say that the shelters don't provide shelter and most of the people will try to get out here early or just walk down the street to get somewhere that is sheltered. when the weather is nice, the detroit shelter at west 65th street is eye catching and when mother nature calls, it's a challenge. >> it's windy on this corner. >> six years ago, rta in the city of cleveland installed two iconic bus shelters in the heart of gordon square district and the old bus shelters were removed and put in place. there were mixed feelings about the public art.
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>> mike mccafferdy had been taking the bus here for eight years and says he wants the old shelters back. >> since he changed the styles, you stand under here when it's raining and you're soaking wet and the wintertime you are freezing. not like the glass ones we used to have. >> the bus shelters don't really make sense. don't provide any shelter at all from the elements. just kind of standing out there with the rain still. >> cleveland moves started an online petition on and they would like to replace the gordon square shelters and they would like to have 500 signatures. they are open to exploring options and some say who live hearsay the sooner the better. >> give us back our old bus stops here.
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who told me to reach out to counselman matt zone and says he does not want to scratch the beautiful shelters but he realizes they are not as functional as they could be but he is open to looking at other options and we'll have all of the latest details on >> hey, they picked a good day to do that story. >> come on. that is our taxpayer money. they are beautiful, looks great and now have to pay more money to fix them >> and we're going to need a good shelter in the next 24 hours. >> yeah the rain is coming down now and then going to be cold and windy and going to switch everything over to snow. tomorrow is not going to feel like march. eventually it will again. we got steady rain here and
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it right across most of the heart of the viewing area and the well populate areas including cayoga county where all of the county is getting a steady rain and even some heavier rain as you get towards bay village. down to 44 in cleveland and falling, we had a high of 54 today. akron and canton, you're still at 56. south wind at 15. alert tonight for rain, wind and then snow. later on this evening is when i expect that change obvious in the cleveland area. looks like about 1 to 3 inches. not everybody will be seeing three inches of snow because this does include this lake effect snow that will kick in overnight. wind gusts over 30 and interactive severe radar and hourly forecasts on the cleveland 19 weather app. going to be dropping through the 40s. by 10:00, 31 and we're going to be all snow at that time. northwest wind at 20.
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and through the 20s we go. here you can see a very wet downtown. windy with rain to snow tonight and windy tomorrow and light lake effect snow and an inch or less tomorrow. and then area wide snow event on thursday. but inch or less tomorrow only 28 for the high. denise? >> all right, jeff, thanks. are common household devices compromising your privacy?
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>> going to get you a warning now about the gadget in this your home. >> you hear it all the time. some of the so-called smart devices come with hidden risks that can make you and your family easy for hackers. >> it seems like everything is now connected to the internet like this baby monitoring camera and this refrigerator with cameras built right into the door. toys are also tied to the web. they all have processors that transmit and receive data. it's part of an exploding category of connected devices called the internet of things. >> we're going to have something in the neighborhood of 20 billion of these devices online
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>> todd beardsley is a researcher and says that gadgets that send out information on the internet can also let hackers into your home. last april a new york city couple was horrified to hear a man talking to their 3-year-old connected to a web connected baby monitor and they can invade your privacy just for fun. this website features high jack camera thieves from around the world. >> the biggest entry way into your home is the router. must. >> you don't have be a sophisticated hacker. >> once one device like your router is compromised, hackers can learn a lot about you. >> first name, last name, zip code, date of birth. >> he says to create unique passwords for all of your
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marley hall cbs news, austin texas >> security experts suggest that you check for software updates and also recommend turning off your devices when you are not actively using them and reset them back to the original factory settings at least once a ramona? >> thanks denise. coming up tonight at 6:00, a firefighter's death, tayna johnson died while getting out of her husband's car. today he tells us in his words what happened that day. plus a local women's story of identity fraud and how she is living through a credit
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>> our view of the day is from cindy slayeder who caught a picture of the sunset.
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pics @cleveland >> it's the time of year when we start to notice the sunset a little bit later. >> 6:17 sunset time and i believe it's next sunday. >> was right. i knew it. >> buck eye chuck. >> well it is going to feel like winter though for a little while and then we're going to be okay seven-day forecast. we got the rain to snow tonight tomorrow. so you know the snow tomorrow is not going to be heavy but i expect slick spots for the wife and windy. and then we got this system here on thursday. 1 to 3 inches of snow. this is a system. everyone is going be to getting some and then a little more thursday night. 28 on friday. a bright mostly cloudy.
5:52 pm
light snow saturday mainly afternoon. appears to be minor. above freezing at 37. and then on sunday, mostly cloudy and 47 and now the real warm up happens. a little rain and windy and how about 65 on tuesday and then looking even further ahead, it can be warmer next wednesday. how about that? light snow saturday. saturday night would drop down to 30. mild on sunday and 47 degrees and again we will get ready for that significant warm up next week. cleveland 19 first alert weather app where you get all of the first alert details including
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>> well you have seen tey brshaw what surprise! u know whaelse is a rprise? shingles and w itanit you t ofowhe. i ow. had it. mon let's sit do d ta about it. and did yoknowhat one inthrepeople wilget ingl? ll) no. th' why m minding people ifou h chienpo thenhe sngles vis is ady iide u. ll) oooh. o' s had ickenpox? sct over. anlookhat sty rashcan p up anywhe anthe in can b ev wor thait looks. talko ur doctorr phmaci.
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the lead actress. >> plus a show on netflix. the two in the documentary "making a murderer" are stopping in dozens of cities for what they call a conversation for justice and includes a session and answer session. tickets go on sale this friday morning. >> cbs has selected sara shockey as the new nancy drew. the network is fulfilling a promise for a more diverse cast and will pick a 30-something crime fighter and now works for the new york city police. no word when the show debuts. >> will be interesting. >> it will. >> dan showed us some of the
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>> today we hear from the husband speaking out about what happened from the day his wife jumped out of their car and died on the highway. >> plus parents' concerns after a teen gets beaten so badly at school he needs surgery. >> big plans for the rock hall. renovations that may be done in time for the republican national convention. >> rain moving through our area. we have a wet night ahead. and then as it gets colder of course the snow, we have you covered through all of the changes and tracking the changes in the first alert weather forecast. >> we are here with jeff. you are tracking the latest changes. >> well we made it up into the 50s today and the system is tracking further west and we're
6:00 pm
we're going to see the drop in temperature and we will see some snow. but right now there is rain. it's slowing down the commute out there. steady rain in cleveland and affecting the eastern counties a little more. right here is where we are starting to see the transition in toledo. it's snowing in toledo. the rain to snow change over will continue to work east and i have it in the cleveland area around 10:00 tonight or so. so we have got the rain right now. again snow later this evening and 1 to 3 inches of accumulation and that's including some lake effect snow so not everybody will be seeing the 2 to 3 inches. winds are going to gust over 30 and down we go. look at the temperatures. 40 at 8:00, 31 at 10:00. that's when we switch over to snow eventually through the 20s. could be slippery in spots tomorrow morning. forecast details at about 6:17. a >> as we always like to remind you, you can track the snow and sleet and rain and get your own


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